Letters to my Son: A Personal Photography Project


Little Levi,

I know you hate it when I call you that…..but you will always be my little guy.  Another month has flown by…..and I am left wishing I could slow time down just a little bit.  We celebrated your 4th birthday this month…..4 YEARS OLD?!  When did that happen….mommy is having a hard time with her “baby” growing up…..and no…you do not like it when I call you that either.



You are still the funniest person I know….you keep me laughing all day long…..and when I find something funny that you did not intend to be funny….I get “Don’t laugh…..it’s not funny”….soooo I pretend I don’t think it’s funny, but I really do.  I just adore you….you are my snuggle buddy and my partner in everything i do.  You go just about everywhere with me and help me with anything I ask you too…..You are a little less independent than your sister….and I’m okay   with  that…..I am okay with you needing me for a little bit longer.

I live for watching you and your sister learn and grow…..every day you are surprising me with how much you know.  You can tell me more about dinosaurs than most adults can…..I LOVE IT!  I love watching you try new things…..and I love watching you succeed at almost everything you attempt.  You are already so good at so many things.

IMG_5433Your imagination is amazing….You can turn any everyday item into an amazing toy…..any everyday place into a magical world……..you can turn a normal everyday trailer, into a pirate ship….and I love watching you play….I love playing with you….I wish this stage of pretend and innocence could last forever

But you have to grow up….you tell me that all the time when I ask you why you can’t just stay little forever….you tell me “because mom….that’s not how it works”…..you’re right little buddy! it’s not…..and while I wish I could bottle you up and keep you little forever…….I can’t.  So please, just try not to grow up too fast.  Savor every minute of being little……and remember to snuggle and love on mom and dad every chance you get…because it’s hard for us to have our babies grow up so fast.



Remember that 4 short years ago we were here….with 2 perfect little people as the center of our world……I am so blessed to be your mommy (and sister’s too!) I love you guys more than you will ever know.





I hope you are enjoying a glimpse into our lives…….Remember to take a few moments to click thru the blog circle and check out the letters from the other Talented Ladies.

Next up is Lanie of Lanie Kay Photography.  Please click over to her page and check out a heartfelt letter to her son!  As always you will not be disappointed.

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